Upcoming Presentations

March 21-22, Colorado Library Consortium (CLiC) Spring Workshop, Grand Junction

Library 101: Creating Reusable and Embeddable Content

Academic librarians have long been in the practice of creating text-heavy research guides for students and faculty. Moreover, these guides are often located on the library’s web page, requiring an extra “place” for students and faculty to go. The Reference & Education department at the University of Colorado Strauss Health Sciences Library has revamped their approach to creating web content, favoring an approach that brings relevant library content into the curriculum and the virtual spaces already occupied by students and faculty. This approach to “embeddable” content includes a series of short video tutorials, benefits distance students, and supplements answers to frequently asked reference questions.

Stakeholders, Statistics and Stories, Oh My: Turning Tick Marks into Triumphs, with Christi Piper

Campus stakeholders often equate the value of the academic library with its physical collections and spaces. How can we better tell the stories of the impact of our services? Gain confidence in proactively transforming the statistics you’re already collecting into compelling demonstrations of your library’s value. We’ll discuss aligning the library-related numbers you collect with campus priorities, creatively presenting those numbers to the right audience(s), and making numbers fun.

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Past Presentations

My older presentations about web development, web content strategy, and related topics are available on SlideShare.


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