A Marketing Win from an ILS Vendor

So, maybe I'm feeling a touch guilty about pulling 3,000 people to this site to blame ILSs for my departure from the profession, but I've got to hand it to Innovative Interfaces, Inc., for a recent marketing push. If you're not a III customer, lemme catch you up: they have been working hard for over a year now moving their customer libraries to Sierra, a new backend services platform.

New Year's Resolutions for Library Web Types

So, I've had a week to think about personal and professional resolutions-can't rush in to these things, you know. Personally, it's to get my house in order. Literally. I spent most of Saturday with my very patient 6-year-old daughter scouring Target and hardware stores in the southern burbs of Denver for two gigantic tubs that would hold the parts of our artificial Christmas tree. At every store, sales were not only on discounted holiday items, but on plastic bins of every fathomable size, shape, and color. How very nice of major retail to support my quest for organization!