Current Projects: A New Web Site!

new arapahoe library district web site screen captureFirst and foremost, I'm pleased to announce the recent (January 2013) launch of the Arapahoe Library District's new web site! I've launched plenty of sites in the past, but this is my first public library site. For fellow web nerds who love this kind of detail, it's built using Omega, a responsive Drupal theme-although, as you may notice, it's not responsive yet. We discovered in the final months of development that we really needed to take a good hard look at our content and optimize it for responsive delivery. I'm looking forward to that as well as migrating our kids and teens sites from a home-grown ColdFusion platform to a responsive Drupal one later this spring and fall, respectively. Overall, the web team is adopting a much more user-experience-based methodology, and I'm excited about how this will change our organizational roles.

On the research side of things, I'm finished up the third-no, wait, fourth!-of a series of wonderful collaborations with my colleague Tabatha Farney from the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs. First, we wrote a LITA Guide called Web Analytics for Information Professionals, a broad look at how libraries are using, and can be using, web analytics tools to drive data-based decision practices. Built on this foundation, we presented a LITA preconference at LITA Forum in Columbus, Ohio, last October and again at ALA Midwinter in Seattle. We were thrilled at the high level of attendance and the enthusiasm of the attendees. Finally, we pulled together a library technology report that focuses solely on Google Analytics; we just turned in the manuscript, and we're looking forward to seeing the final product in print!

Next on the agenda: DrupalCon Portland at the end of May! Overall, I'm cutting back on travel and service commitments this year and clearing my plate to make way for some introspective time. I've been teaching preconference sessions at the last I-can't-remember-how-many conferences I've attended-which I LOVE doing-but it's time for me to step back and work on filling some of the gaps in my own web tech know-how. I'll be sure to share what I've learned there, and elsewhere, during this period of professional "me" time!