LITA Top Tech Trends, ALA Annual 2011

Top Tech Trends ALA Annual 2011 Photos Copyright 2011 Sean Garnder/Getty Images

Photos Copyright 2011 Sean Gardner/Getty Images

From Library Journal:

"McHale took on user-experience issues in her examples of emerging trends. First, she cited the open-source Drupal content management platform as a tool to create websites that can make a patron's experience appear more seamless when using multiple databases. The sharability of Drupal, she said, encourages the sharing of innovative code among a wide range of libraries. "There are some libraries out there are just never going to have programmers, and are just never going to have the budget; they're going to be too small," she said. "Yet they're still going to want to keep up with all these great online developments that are going on." Software like Drupal, she said, "can help make that happen."

She also spoke about the accessibility of electronic resources, and the evolving awareness and response of database vendors in that area. "Things were pretty bad," she said. "They're getting better." At McHale's campus, she said, about ten percent of the students have a disability, and, in her experience, vendors have generally been more aware of and responding to her school's accessibility concerns. But she also cited a University of Michigan study that said 72 percent of academic databases surveyed were ranked "marginally accessible or inaccessible," noting that "we still have a long way to go." She also noted that the upcoming EPUB3 standard will bring improved accessibility to ebooks."

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