Between Two Worlds

The veil is getting thin my friends,
And strange things will pass through.

-Traditional Celtic poem

I didn't plan to have my last day at the University of Colorado Denver and Auraria Library be Halloween, followed hard upon by my first day at the Arapahoe Library District on November 1st. Really, I was looking for continuity of employment and for my health care benefits to start as soon as possible at Arapahoe. It seems fitting, though, that I'm making this transition on an ancient holiday that was about the night that the veil between two worlds is so thin that "strange things will pass through."

At the Internet Librarian conference two weeks ago, I was welcomed-by public librarians-to both the "dark" and the "light" side. I'm still sort of surprised that I'm leaving academe, where I've been, in some capacity, for the past 22 years-first a student of multiple disciplines, then a TA, a professor, a researcher, and finally a hybrid librarian/IT professional. The move to Arapahoe is another transition as well, as it's not a librarian position, but an IT professional position. It feels like the next natural step.

I guess I don't see it so much as light versus dark, but as stepping into new challenges. I'm really looking forward to designing sites for teens and kids. Practically speaking, I'm really looking forward to being a lot closer to home during the day-8 miles away on surface roads versus the 19 mile trek I've been making down I-25 for the past five and a half years. I'm excited to see what the world of public libraries is like and how I can put myself to work in it.

Thanks to Melissa Powell for her Facebook post tonight that reminded me of that awesome Samhain poem.