Tips for Creating Drupal Content Types for Library Web Sites

One of the most difficult things about migrating a library web site from a static or non-CMS site into Drupal is getting your head around custom content types. Drupal comes with two content types out-of-the-box-"article" and "basic page"-but the possibilities for creating custom web site content are limitless. Because it's so easy to create custom content types, it's easy to overthink and end up with too many.

New Year's Resolutions for Library Web Types

So, I've had a week to think about personal and professional resolutions-can't rush in to these things, you know. Personally, it's to get my house in order. Literally. I spent most of Saturday with my very patient 6-year-old daughter scouring Target and hardware stores in the southern burbs of Denver for two gigantic tubs that would hold the parts of our artificial Christmas tree. At every store, sales were not only on discounted holiday items, but on plastic bins of every fathomable size, shape, and color. How very nice of major retail to support my quest for organization!

My Web Change Soapbox

Few things strike more dread and horror into the hearts of librarians and library staff than the words "web site redesign." Ten years of managing web sites for four libraries (three academics, one public) and hearing of similar experiences from web colleagues has shown me that this is universal. Changes-real and even merely proposed-often result in intense emotional reactions, especially for public services folks doing reference and instruction.

Library Day in the Life, Day 5: Friday January 29th (sort of...)

Okay, it's not January 29th. It's two weeks later, which means that it's my server support guy's last day. On the 29th, he tweeted that he'd given his notice. I can blame my lack of a #libday6 post either on my depressive state from hearing this news or the fact that we headed up to the mountains for a weekend of skiing that evening, and in the evening was the only time I had to do posts that week. Or both.

Library Day in the Life, Day 4: Thursday January 28th

Busy and frustrating day, one of those where you look back and can't remember what happened, you just know that you had no more than five minutes of uninterrupted time. Seems like more and more days are turning into that kind of day. Closed more of those trouble tickets-down to 23, which is still too many-and since Christina (new programmer) now exists in Active Directory-yay!-I got her into the web server. It's such a relief to have someone else on board for web stuff.

Library Day in the Life, Day 3: Wednesday January 27th

Back in the office this morning a little late thanks to iPhone alarm fail. I suspect that the fail was caused by my youngest playing Tanks & Turrets on said iPhone last night while we were making dinner; we made him turn the volume all the way down. Ah, well, rolled in at 10, and given that my work day starts at 9:30, that's not too bad anyway. Had a REALLY hard time getting back into it, likely caused by crash after awesome training sessions Monday and Tuesday.