Library Day in the Life, Day 3: Wednesday January 27th

Back in the office this morning a little late thanks to iPhone alarm fail. I suspect that the fail was caused by my youngest playing Tanks & Turrets on said iPhone last night while we were making dinner; we made him turn the volume all the way down. Ah, well, rolled in at 10, and given that my work day starts at 9:30, that's not too bad anyway. Had a REALLY hard time getting back into it, likely caused by crash after awesome training sessions Monday and Tuesday.

My first order of business was to have a look at my trouble tickets. We use Bugzilla for trouble reporting and a tiny bit of project management. (I wrote an article about this if you're dying to know more.) I have 28 today, which is too many, so I went to work knocking some of these out. One that I had no luck with was trying to take retired research and instruction librarians out of our Evanced class request form. Customizing Evanced is something my boss used to tend to, but she's handed it over to me now. Looked it over a bit today, and think I could build something better in Drupal-I think that a lot these days looking at vendor-created library tools.

Regarding those retirements, we have lost probably upwards of 20 people since I started here almost five years ago (February 2006). That's about a quarter of our staff, I think. The IT department was incredibly lucky to receive funding for the two positions that we just hired for, given the state of the Colorado state budget. That said, we're also the smallest of the three main divisions here at Auraria, the other two being Public Services and Tech Services.

So here's some non-Drupal stuff I'm working on: got the call for agenda items for the Colorado Association of Libraries (CAL) board meeting and retreat, which is coming up the second Saturday in February. My good friends Melissa Powell and Tabby Farney and I be presenting a plan for moving forward with publishing Colorado Libraries, CAL's journal, online. We've put out two issues thus far, but we're really taking a hard look at the whole publication and reworking the editorial process so that it's easier for everyone. We also lost a lot of column editors during the publishing hiatus we took before the decision was finalized to move forward as on online open access publication. Additionally, a group of us will be initiating a technology division of CAL, which is sorely needed. Eventually, we'd like to link it up to LITA as a state chapter, but for now, we need a local group for us better geek representation in the state association.

Guess that's it for today!