Hey, Where's the "Steal This Code!" Widget Example Stuff?!

I wrote an article for the ACRL Newsletter March 2010 issue, and in it I show a pretty simple example of an HTML page that allows you to give away your code to teaching faculty so that they can embed library widgets--search widgets, chat widgets, etc.--into their own web environments.

Well, when I originally created the "Steal This Code!" page, we were running Serials Solutions' 360 Search as our federated search. In July 2009, we dropped 360 Search and picked up WorldCat Local, and since then, I haven't had time to rework the search widgets because WorldCat Local is more code-intensive. (University of Washington Libraries, however, has developed one using Widgetbox).

Other schools, such as the University of Minnesota-Duluth, have other great examples of creating these kids of widgets, but the point of my ACRL News example is that you don't necessarily need mad programming skillz to construct something along these lines. If you can cut and paste and find the HTML forms code in your web pages (even with help from your IT/web people), you can create a widget generator!

Also, the article was based on a presentation for Computers in Libraries 2009, which might be helpful if you're looking to build this kind of resource. Please feel free to contact me if I can help you get going on a widget project! I'm happy to send you the HTML from my legacy page; I just can't post it anymore because it won't work for my faculty.