Back in the Library Game

Midwinter, networking nirvana, seems an opportune time to let y'all know that I'm back in the library game. I left last May, fed up with the state of library technology and the low rates of pay for library workers. This meant departing Arapahoe Library District for a small web development firm specializing in Drupal development for non-profits.

I worked with fantastic people passionate about web development, worked on cool projects, and learned a lot, but pretty early on, I realized that it wasn't a good fit. I was working on a very specific task--Drupal site building--and I realized how much I missed all of the other things I used to do in libraries: web analytics, design, user experience, usability, content strategy. Two weeks ago, shortly after Christmas break, we finished up the site building on a current project, and it seemed like a mutually beneficial time to amicably part ways.

So, I'm back on the library market, and in the mean time, I'm working on some web consulting projects and LITA education opportunities. If you have some web projects that need attention, give me a shout.

I still believe everything I wrote in the "Breaking Up with Libraries" post: library technology is still behind the times, and our pay is crap--but I want to be part of the solution. And I knew that this was the right thing when I walked into the joint LITA committee meeting this morning and had to resist the urge to run around and hug everyone.


I'll miss you at Aten. It was my pleasure to work with you and hope for you all the best as you shift back to the Library scene. Hopefully we stay in touch and can find a way to collaborate in the future.


Thanks, Matthew! It was a pleasure working with you!

Next time when you have "to resist the urge to run around and hug everyone" please come see me. I freely give and accept hugs, especially from you, because you are so awesome.

Your hugs are the BEST!!

I wondered when I couldn't find a followup to Drupal in Libraryland part 1 on the Aten blog. Have you or do you plan to write part 2? Thanks!

Kirstin, thanks for your comment! Something in that vein will be forthcoming, but it will be a bit different than planned, as it was supposed to be part of a project I would be working on with Aten. Stay tuned; I'll post it here.